1Lux Company Retreat 2018

Although it may have only been the first official combined company retreat under the recently rebranded name of 1LUX for our parent company, the 6th edition of our collective annual retreat for LS Group, LOGIQ, and AROS was another one for the books on every level! This year, an excursion to a new location in a different state provided us all with an extended weekend of games, adventures, experiences, relaxation, bonding, and even a little murder mystery for our work family and significant others. Horseback riding, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, and lounging around the remotely located Water Valley Ranch compound 30 minutes outside of Encampment Wyoming provided us all with a much needed break from the daily routines of work and life. The peaceful surroundings, beautiful late summer weather, fresh air and mountain breezes rejuvenated our spirits as we lived up to one of our core values of work hard and play hard ! Intense and passion fueled (not competitive) games of cornhole, ping pong, shuffleboard, and pool carried throughout the light of day into the night allowing us to get creative while challenged our lighting design skills to illuminate these competitions after dark!


The pinnacle of this year’s retreat was having everyone, including all significant others, partake in an evening of murder mystery with the “Murder In Manhattan” party game. In all, 22 of us assumed alter egos and personalities for a night while trying to solve the mystery of who killed Francis Fisk. Needless to say, the evening was a great success and it was a blast watching everyone take their role playing skills to unexpected levels with fake accents and fitting wardrobe selections.


At LS Group, we pride ourselves on constantly progressing not only in lighting design, but in how we work with and support each other as a team every day. These company retreats have proven time and again as a valuable opportunity to expand everyday working relationships beyond normal business hours, allowing our team to feel more connected on a personal level leading to a better overall company culture and a more creative and productive daily work environment. This is an integral part of what keeps us inspired, focused, and progressively executing the best lighting design solutions for our customers every day.