LS Group exists to provide the simplest path to reach your residential, commercial and landscape lighting design and lighting control goals. We believe in the power of beautiful design, clear communication and being a valuable team member for our clients.

The best designs deserve the best design partners.

01 What We Do

LS Group promises to be the best design partner you will come across. Lighting is only successful when all the pieces come together harmoniously. Architecture, systems, interiors, landscape – all of these things are lit or have lighting components that need to be coordinated. We are flexible, intentional, and proactive. Each member of our expert team is creative in different ways and we utilize our team’s strengths to provide the best project outcome.

02 Our Strengths
  • Client Communication: We believe clear communication is the best framework for any relationship. Our team keeps a meticulous record of project communications. This is what allows LS Group to meet and exceed expectations while staying on budget.
  • Designing to a Budget: We realize the importance of staying on time and doing so on budget. We design to, or help create, a clear budget, and design to it, tracking expenses throughout the life of the project.
  • Conceptual Packages: Our Schematic Design Packages will allow everyone involved in the project to get a full visual experience of the lighting design.
  • Documentation: LS Group thoroughly documents all aspects of lighting and lighting control design. Our process is simple and designed to make the project run smoothly.
  • Discipline Coordination: Bringing a lighting project through to completion can be like a well choreographed dance. Working with architects, home owners, and construction teams, we coordinate every aspect of the lighting design, detailing, and implementation. Our disciplined coordination is just one of the things that sets us apart.
  • Team Collaboration: When you partner with LS Group you become a part of our tight knit team. We work as a collaborative to achieve the projects’ lighting design goals.
03 Who We Work With
  • Owners: Having direct interaction with an owner is the easiest way to make sure the end result is not only what the design team envisions, but what the client envisions.
  • Architects: We love to work in conjunction with architects to not only develop lighting plans, but to detail reflected ceiling plans. Seamless coordination throughout design and construction allows for the best end result on any project.
  • Interior Designers: Our design revolves a lot around furniture and art placement, as well as finish materials. Working closely with interior designers allows us to fully understand the overall project vision.
  • Developers: Developers appreciate our constant handle on the project lighting budget. At any point during construction, we have an idea of how changes affect the numbers.
  • Builders: It is important for us to have a good working relationship with builders, to ensure that lighting details are carried out to perfection. Like coordinating with architects, site coordination leads to the most beautiful end result.
  • Landscape Architects: Many times, we’ll work directly with landscape architects on all types of exterior construction projects. Everything from large scale public spaces to smaller backyard remodels. Every project brings a fun, new challenge.
04 Our Lighting Design Services
  • Lighting Design: Lighting design is what we live and breathe every day. We’re constantly learning about new products, design techniques, and streamlining our processes to benefit our clients and projects.
  • Lighting Control Design: Great lighting design enhances architecture and interior design on any project, but proper lighting control design can transform a space to another level. We pride ourselves in using the two together cohesively.