Dial Romance, A Look at Light Designs Secret Weapon

Joel Spira, the “Father of Dimming”, changed the way we perceive and manipulate lighting when he founded Lutron Electronics in 1961. In fact, one of his original designs (Nova slide dimmer) is still in production. He encouraged us to “dial romance” with his dimmers. From incandescent sources, to fluorescent, and now LED, Lutron has mastered how to dim every source that the lighting industry has thrown at them.

At LS Group we love to use lights at different luminance to help tell a story. Matching environments with time of days can drastically change the way that the lighting design we have done can affect an area’s look, mood and vibe. When our design team takes on a project we look at how a room is filled naturally at all times of day by doing light surveys and studies, then work with architects and designers to describe the mood, how the room will function, and how we want it to feel. Our installation and programming partners can then use the latest technology to let our clients have complete control of the environment by setting scenes, adapting them and making them work more smoothing. Thank you, Joel Spira and Lutron for making our lives easier and our customers happy.

On a bright note –

“In the past 10 years there’s been more disruption in the lighting industry than in the previous 40 or 50.” – Michael Pessina, co-CEO

We cant wait to see what the industry holds for us in the next 10 years.

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