Royal Poinciana Remodel, A Lighting Design Project

WS Development, a firm that specializes in investment, leasing, development, construction, and asset management, has an impressive and extensive portfolio of completed projects. When LS Group was approached by them to assist with the lighting design for a 40 year old plaza in Florida that over the years has turned into a stop-and-go shop rather than a stay-and-play plaza, we couldn’t say no. Lighting was only a piece of the puzzle though – it took a village for this one! We worked alongside designers and installers of all disciplines. The overhaul of the landscape and building facade was just as important and pertinent for this to be a successful project as perfecting new traffic flow.

One thing that stood out to us was that it takes a certain level of alchemy to make these projects work, even though we were only focused on lighting design, we were integral to other parts of the project as well. From concept to completion, expertly cast, an alchemy occurs when you get to work with experts across multi-disciplines who focus on your challenge for an intense and dedicated period of time. We believe that it will always take a village of multi-disciples for our projects to live up to their fullest potential.

“It’s incredibly rewarding that years of dreaming have come to fruition,” said Alexandra Patterson, project leader for plaza leaseholder Up Markets. “We talk with visitors and we are continuously told how pleased everyone is that the plaza feels alive for the first time in 40 years. The excitement over the transformation is palpable and we are thrilled.”  We love hearing that, Alexandra, and couldn’t be more proud to help turn this project into a plaza that now feels like its name: Royalty.

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