Raising the Bar for Office Spaces

When groups approach us with clients we have a few rules to live by –

  1. Can we make it beautiful and bring their vision to life?
  2. Can we do it on time and on budget?
  3. Can we be an incredible partner on the project in the way we communicate, function, add value and insight?
  4. Do all parties win with our involvement?

When Veritcal Arts brought us into this project, we had no doubt that we could be all 4 so the answer was clearly, yes. We love working with their talented team and this Steamboat Springs project was no exception.  Click the link HERE to see interior photos and to read a little bit more about the project and our partners, Vertical Arts.

Isn’t it a bit ironic that the title of the article is “Steamboat Living,” instead of “Steamboat Working?”  We think not!  “Custom homes may have this kind of attention to detail, but this is a Class A office building that’s unique to Steamboat,” says Brandt Vanderbosch, owner of Vertical Arts, the architecture firm responsible for creating this one-of-a-kind office building.  Brandt nailed it with that statement.

As a company, we’ve worked on countless residential and commercial projects, but none that have combined the two styles the way this project did.  Residential designs tend to hold true to who an individual is, because it is their haven everyday; commercial projects lean more towards satisfying the masses. Deer Park was particularly special to us because the owner’s had the same intricate and detailed vision as a homeowner.  To be able to incorporate details like a back-lit stained glass art and linear LED light under a fireplace hearth into a building that people come to for work was extremely rewarding.

“Nothing like this has been done for an office building in town before. It’s elevated the office building standard for Steamboat and architecture in general and is one of the most fulfilling collaborative projects we’ve been part of.”  – Brandt Vanderbosch

We agree Brandt! We enjoyed partnering with Vertical Arts and are proud to showcase Deer Park in our portfolio. Our final thought is this, a lot of people talk about work life balance and we believe that’s a myth. It’s all life, its just labor or play. We happen to be working hard to blur the line.