Southern Hospitality – Recent Completion

As design professionals, one of the most rewarding experiences is to see a project come to fruition the way it was envisioned from the get-go, and to know that all parties involved are beyond satisfied with the end result. When we are selected as a design partner we get the chance to see what they have in mind for the project and are trusted to see that come to life with bringing light and luminance to the project.

Over the last year we have been working alongside DLR Group on the DoubleTree hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.  We assisted in implementing DLR Group’s design ideas, as well as added new features that weren’t planned for by the interior design team but were extremely well received in the end. As a design partner, we are constantly researching new trends, new tech and new ways to do things in the most efficient and most beautiful way possible. This hotel now screams ‘Class & Sass.’  You’ll stop dead in your tracks upon entering the lobby when greeted by a linearly lit wall feature and dramatic shadows from the triple head downlights above.  The adjacent lobby bar and lounge, complete with an entirely back-lit bar, column uplights, and underbar lighting, keep your eyes moving around the room as you discover more hidden light sources and luxury finishes.  Even the corridors are sophisticated and welcoming – drawing you eye to the end with highlighted artwork.

The DoubleTree Atlanta is welcoming guests in style. View the stunning DoubleTree remodel.

We were lucky to have such great design partners. Working remote for 100% of this project was of no concern to our designers knowing we had a dependable design and construction team on site to support us. We welcome the challenge of remodel out-of-state projects and look at them as an opportunity to expand our team of partners. It’s also a great way to push our designers to learn and design around the local markets/industry, conceptual and economically.  Job well done, team!