Summer Camping Trip

Last weekend, all of our sister companies packed up and headed to the mountains for a camping trip. Almost the entire company came (plus significant others, a few kids, and 9 dogs!), which is impressive, and meant we needed a huge campsite! We decided on a beautiful spot at the top of Red Table Mountain, just North of Basalt. Campfires, games, hiking, and lots of laughing made for a great weekend.

One of our core values is “Work Smarter, Play Harder”. Working smarter takes time to hone. It is a simplification of the complex and a process that is more delight than rigor. We give a lot of thought to life well lived, it is not about work life balance, we view that as a myth. Its life, labor and play. We want to spend our time together as a company in the office and out. We feel so grateful that we have employees that want to spend time with each other outside of the office, so we make the most of it when we get together. Our quarterly company events have become quite successful!

camp fire meet
LS Group hiking
LS Group team tent
camping views Colorado
LS Group team camping trip
camping landscape
LS Group Camping trip
LS Group Camping